NIE Barcelona


The NIE (número de identidad de extranjero) is an identification number for foreigners in Spain. If you move to Barcelona, the first thing you should do is get your NIE.

You need a NIE in Barcelona to:

  • get employed
  • become self-employed
  • open a bank account
  • buy and sell property
  • arrange a loan or mortgage
  • start a business
  • apply for a driver’s license
  • register with council services and receive benefits
  • open utility accounts
  • apply for a Bicing card


NIE Barcelona has a team of young positive thinking people that will try to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Do you need your a NIE very fast? Are you unable to get the “cita previa“? Are you lost in the NIE requirements? We have solution to all of this!

Marie NIE Barcelona


    The NIE application process depends on your situation here in Barcelona, if you work, study or maybe you just want to buy a property. Read more…


    As soon as you register as “autonomo” you can legaly work as freelancer in Spain and issue invoices.


    Opening a bank account will make your everyday life in Spain much easier – you can open both resident and non-resident accounts. Read more…


Extremely quick and easy, made the process so much more simple!

Jack British

Great service! Everything was done fast and professionally


Finding it very hard to have a cita previa, I have contacted NIE Barcelona. This organisation is very efficient, patient and the employees are adorable.
I totally recommend!

Kelly French

Thank you for your support. Your preparation ensured that my NIE interview went very smoothly


Very quick and easy! I was even renewing my NIE I already had 8 years ago, when it was much easier than now. When I knew how more complicated the entire process was nowadays, I contacted the NIE service and Veronika responded immediately. She is very nice and helpful, she manages to schedule your appointment quickly for the NIE within 1-2 weeks time and you have it in a minute.
If you want to save your energy and time, I highly recommend her.

Mariyana Bulgaria

Excellent service: they managed the book an appointment at short notice (I needed it to start working in Spain in two weeks’ time) and they readily answered all my questions via email.
Veronika, who took me to the NIE appointment, was very helpful and kind, as well as punctual. I got the NIE in a matter of minutes, and everything went smoothly.
I recommend their services, especially if you haven’t got the time nor the patience of hunting down a NIE appointment by yourself.

Aleksandra Cyprus

We came in contact with NIEBarcelona early after our move to Spain. We were helped by Veronika who communicated the process of applying for NIE in a very clear and easily understandable way. She specified in an email which documents we needed to bring, and followed up on it on the phone before the set up meeting to make sure that we have eveything in place so that the process in the police station goes smoothly and without delays. She booked the appoitment for us, got all forms beforehand, helped us to fill them at the police station and talked to the police official explaining everything. All in all, she was very efficient and we got our NIE number and the card within 60 min with Veronikas help. Thanks NIEbarcelona for this service!!

Lejla Swedish

NIE Barcelona provides a super fast and super convenient service for its clients. I was very satisfied with you. My associate was Veronika Frátriková who provided me with all the necessary information I needed to get the paperwork done and to get to the place where my NIE was issued. Besides being helpful, she was kind and it was nice to engage with her in an amicable conversation as expats sharing our experiences. Thank you again!

Zoltan Hungarian

I was very happy with the service I received from NIEBarcelona. They provided me with all the information I needed in advance, which took a lot of stress away from me having to do it myself. I found the staff to be polite, friendly and professional. I would recommend NIEBarcelona to anyone that is new to Barcelona and want a stress free time in obtaining their NIE.


Really great service, and effecient for my NIE and Social Security. I will continue to use this company for other admin work and also for my family. Thank you Daniela.

Shakil French

Perfect, fast and stress-free. I’ve tried getting my NIE on my own but unfortunately due to an specific situation, I had trouble doing it. So, I decided to call NIE Barcelona and after having had other cases like mine, they ensured me that they would be able to do it and before the deadline that I had. Marie was great on the phone and emails, checking everything that I had, and on the day of the appointment, Veronika was very nice and professional, getting everything done. It was a well spent money.

Thiago Portuguese

I first tried to get the NIE on my own what was not possible. When I contacted the NIE Barcelona they informed me fast about the documents I needed, gave me an fast appointment and joined me to the authority. With their help I spent 10 min there and got my NIE. Super!


In my case was really easy, because NIE Barcelona explained very well the paperwork needed to issue the NIE. Setting the appointment and getting feedback on the papers needed is great. Highly recommended!


The service was so easy and straight forwards. Having tried to do it myself in the past, I would highly recommend people to try NIEBarcelona instead as its so much quicker and far less stressful!


I used NIE Barcelona in June 2017. Veronika was extremely helpful and informative throughout the whole process, and booked the cita previa on the day required. I obtained both my NIE & Social Security in the same day and was very happy with the service NIE Barcelona provided. I would certainly recommend NIE Barcelona and their services.


NIEBarcelona provide a wonderful service. I have used them for two different processes. Marie and Túnde were so helpful – they made everything so easy for me as I am not exactly a fan of bureaucracy. They also do their job with a smile on their faces. So an ugly process became a pleasure. I highly recommend them.


Smooth, fast and professional. All for a reasonable price.


This service is FANTASTIC! The team at NIE Barcelona were incredibly helpful and made the entire process a dream. They provided help and advice when it was needed most. For me, 100% worth spending the money on. Thanks team!!


I was happy with the NIE Barcelona service.
I met daniela at the office and she was very friendly and helpful.She put me through the whole process of obtaining my NIE at a canter.
Thank-you Daniela.


I’m very satisfied with the service: they help you in every step of the way and take care of everything! They make the whole exasperating process of getting the NIE quick and easy!


A very efficient service !
I obtained a cita in a very short period (1-2 weeks after I contact NIEBarcelona) and with their help, the appointment was done in less than 30m


Daniela’s help was great, I could never have done the registration at the NIE and the Social Security office without her ! She was very nice and friendly and also gave me lots of tips about living in Barcelona. A great way to start your move to Barcelona !

Nicolas French

Veronika was very helpful , the process was quick and I received my NIE document the next day. Communication was great, she replied to all my emails and told me what exactly I needed.
Very friendly person.

Malwina Polish

Die Hilfe von NIE Barcelona in Anspruch zu nehmen, war die beste Entscheidung überhaupt. Hätte ich mal früher machen sollen… Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe! Es war alles super easy und als ich auch vor Ort nicht alles da hatte, haben sie Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung gesetzt, damit der Termin nicht platzt. Es war ein super Service!

Anneliese German

I contacted NIE Barcelona as I wasn’t able to get an appointment for theNIE for over 2 weeks.
Tünde helped me reviewing my documents organised an appointment within in a week.
Everything was perfectly organised and she did an amazing job.
She is such a lovely and helpful person and I just can recommend to use this service if you are in desperate need of the NIE.
Thank you again Tünde


I had a very good experience with Veronika!
She was full of positiv energy and transmiting a lot of hope for the ‘lost ones’ trying to obtain the NIE number.
I find this service very useful and will recommand it to others in need.

Thanks a lot again!
Best whishes,

Iohana Romanian

I had my NIE with Veronika. She was very responsive in the days and weeks upfront the NIE application so I could get everything ready. Scheduling the appointment through her was very easy and last Wednesday when I met her on-site she was very helpful. I was on-site for about an hour to get my NIE. The day after I got my social security number with her colleague Carlos in about 30 minutes. Would certainly recommend using their services, just for your own ease of mind.


I was really struggling getting the NIE to start working in Barcelona and then I found this page. Tünde was very helpful and we manage to get it in time. Very satisfied!


Tunde did a fantastic job of getting me an NIE. I had a difficult complicated case which I thought was impossible due to Spanish requirements for NIE (not paying tax in Spain but at home among another things). Tunde was supportive without and did all the groundwork of approaching the immigration office with my case prior to any payment on my behalf. On the day, the process was quick, efficient and successful. Tunde was clear, friendly and easy to talk to I couldn’t fault the service. Thank you very much!


I am fully satisfied with the service, despite of the fact I was a bit disorganized and unprepared, Veronika helped to stay on track with documents.
I am thankfull for support.
P.S. dear future user of service, if you will provide all necessary documents, you get the normal NIE, not a temporary one for few months, like most likely you would get if you try to do it yourself. That is why the service is great. Saves time a lot.
Thank you guys.
I wish you all tge best.


I needed a residence card and despite speaking some Spanish, I found the bureaucracy impossible to navigate. Marie helped me through the maze of citas and documents, and stuck by me even though my situation was difficult. I highly recommend this service!


Such excellent and efficient service. I know this process would have been a struggle for me if I had gone it alone. Highly recommended!


Pretty efficient, there is no doubt about it


Marie & Tunde did an amazing job of helping me obtain my NIE card. Communication was perfect from start to finish and within a very short time I have my card. I’d highly recommend them if you need help!


Very satisfied with the service offered by NIE BARCELONA, everything has been easy and simple, something that seemed impossible when trying to do it directly.

Keith AlexanderBritish